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Highlights from the
TNX-L Mailing List
(Part 1)

This is an HTML conversion of a series of messages to the Usenet newsgroup alt.religion.scientology, which posted the highlights of the "private" Scientologists-only mailing list, TNX-L, the contents of which were leaked to the "wog" world by some unknown member of the list.

Although most of the messages in the entire set are of little interest to non-Scientologists, most of the ones excerpted here show quite well the face that Scientology hides behind the mask it presents to the rest of the world.

One critic of Scientology, David C. Smith, waded through the entire set of messages from 1995 to sift out these gems:

The following extracts are from the 1995 archives of the Scientology TNX-L mailing list. Enjoy.

There is no other group on earth today that could set standards for coputers and the internet. Using LRH Admin and Ethics tech we could define how people see and use the infomration super highway.
- Bruce Gilham

- Stu Sjouwerman

I personally like having a *relatively* secure comm line, where we can discuss strategy, plans and the like. I'd really rather not have to temper my comm over look over my *cyber shoulder* before posting. If I have to, so be it.
- Mark Pope

Dick is actually working hard on one of the most exciting projects I ever heard during the past years: he's disseminating and handling one of the most dangerous and difficult areas of this planet, and one of the key points to achieve the goals of Scientology.
The handling of Columbia from an educational point of view, the dissemination to the top rank officials in politics, military, education and business, is an incredible task, a great adventure.
- Paolo

alt.religion.scientology (abbreviated a.r.s)

     Here's the newsgroup that REAL Scientologists have grown to love to hate. It was started by some CAN people to spread entheta about Scientology and is currently our biggest PTP on the Net. Due to the general entheta content (a large number of entheta articles are regularly posted to it by a number of confirmed SPs) and to reliable reports that squirreled OT materials have also been posted here, it is strongly suggested that Scientologists who are not at least New OT V case level NOT read this group - doing so may be hazardous to your case. (OSA is taking steps to handle this, including getting regular theta posts placed in here - I know; I'm one of the posters. I post to a.r.s. but do NOT read it.) If you wish to help clean up this group, contact Buz Cory at buzco@dorsai.org for details.
- Evan Robatino

        Write up Knowledge Report (KR) on out-ethics activities on the UseNet  
        newsgroup alt.religion.scientology (also known as a.r.s.) per HCOPL    
        STAFF MEMBER REPORTS (Volume 0).  This KR should then be routed to the 
        Reports Officer RTC for distribution.                                  
OWNER/CONTACT: Any/all people who have participated in this newsgroup.         
CURRENT STATUS:                                                                
        Only you can say for sure what the status of this action is for you!   
        A notification to discontinue the a.r.s. newsgroup has been issued,    
        but it may take some time to get this to fully occur.  Despite this    
        notification, you should probably *still* do the KR.                   
ACTION ITEMS:                                                                  
        Do the KR if necessary and you haven't already done so.                
TEAM MEMBERS: The entire TNX group - yes, *you*!  
- Jim Howard

        Establish the soc.religion.scientology UseNet newsgroup.  This news     
        group will be moderated (by who?), and will be for dissemination of     
        Scientology to the UseNet community.                                    
OWNER/CONTACT: David Bonnell???  (I haven't heard him say so, however)          
CURRENT STATUS:                                                                 
        This will require many votes to become a reality.  The current plan is  
        to make sure that sufficient votes in favor are guaranteed *before* the 
        proposal is made to the UseNet community.  As part of this effort, the  
        TNX mail alias itself should be expanded in number so that everyone on  
        this alias can contribute a "yes" vote.  Stu Sjouwerman  
        has generously offered to provide an on-line copy of his book "Make     
        Money On the 'Net...The Right Way" to everyone who signs up a new       
        person to the TNX list.                                                 
ACTION ITEMS:                                                                   
        Sign up new members to the TNX list.                                    
        Select a moderator for this newsgroup.                                  
        Submit proposal for the newsgroup to the UseNet community.              
TEAM MEMBERS: The entire TNX group - yes, *you*!
- Jim Howard

The more theta we inject into the culture, the more improvement we will see in the overall tone of society.
This is our planet! No reason not to take it electronically as well!
- Ken Harthun

It would be a good idea for everyone to take a look at that policy. In order to publish (i.e. reproduce and distribute copies of) a quote from Ron's copyrighted materials, one must first obtain issue authority from the proper terminal in the Church. The reason for this, the procedures and lines to follow, and the proper copyright notices to include, are all covered in the SPD.
We ask that all tnxers refrain from posting any such quotes to tnx which have not been given proper issue authority. Even the good guys have to live by the rules. ;-)
- Ron Chester

Please, please PLEASE put "TNX" as the first 32 characters of your subject heading for all TNX messages.
- Marie Gale

And I have to agree with another (wog) fellow who sent me the following statement as part of his signature line:

"America - a country so rich and so strong we can reward the lazy and punish the productive and still survive (so far)".

Many people see it and are tired of it. Honestly, right now I could go out and intentionally break my legs or my back (this wouldn't really hurt my production) and get enough government relief - and protection- to live comfortably! I know people who have done it.
- Ken Harthun

my 2 cents: altho LRH data is the only *spot-on* data,as far as wogs go,Rush seems to be a valuable thetan to me. He impinged heavily on millions of people the idea that rich people are not evil,etc(like the Democrats proclaim)and that if you penalize upstats and reward downstats,you get downstats.He did such a good job of getting this point across,I was *very* impressed.He also was a KEY player in getting that psychotic health-care plan shot down.Now,I'm learning from TNX that he's going after the psychs--Rush!! You're my MAN!!! He's a bit of a jerk once in awhile I guess,but it seems to me,he's making a MAJOR contribution to planet-clearing,whether he knows it or not.Sometimes I wonder,hmmmmmm........ arc,gw
- George Williams

I read a comm on this network which astounded me - that there are a bunch of TNXers who are not on the bridge!!! Yikes! This needs to be handled!
- Karen

FDR and LBJ created massive welfare states which reward the sick and nonproductive. The tax system rewards broken families. I believe the 104th congress will begin to turn this around.
- Rick Shaw

I do not agree with a tax break for the handicapped person, as this is another method of rewarding the downstat. In my concept of the program, the person would not be eligible for any relief beyond re-training. Most people *want* to produce and contribute. If they don't, they should not expect to be subsidized by those who do. Standard bonuses and incentives for competent production would be sufficient.
- Ken Harthun

After all, this is OUR planet. Let's get busy taking it over! Can you imagine a government of Clears & OT's? I can. And what a place this would be if that were so. Who's going to do it? WE ARE!
- Ken Harthun

If we can make enough OT's, I think we can handle the administration of a planet or two without all the bloodshed, tears and histrionics of "politics" as we have known it.
- Stephen T. Porter

Amen, Ken ! ! Actually we need Scientologists to take over all sectors, and one of those is to handle and reshape the political scene... taking full responsibility for this with the most powerful tech. in the universe ! !
- Sandra

I'm interested in getting any ideas on different avenues to go about promoting the OCA. Also, I am a novice when it comes to computers/the Internet etc. so I would love any help or advice on mechanics. (Such as where to promote this and how to transmit the OCA's etc.) Being a full time FSM I have the time and interest to follow up on any reaches. If anyone wants to help me experiment with getting reaches for the OCA I will gladly followup on these and make sure they are contacted and followed up on.

For starters I plan to simply hook these reaches up to a terminal at L.A. org who would evaluate the OCA. The intention would be to get them in ruin and closed to come to L.A. and get on the L.A. Org Life Repair line. They have a metered intro auditing service delivered by professional auditors that is very successful in making Scientologists.
- Jim Frankel

I don't need the extra hat but am definately a CCHR contact as I moonlight part time at CCHR Texas with Freedom Medal Award Winner Jerry Boswell.

We are even going for a TOTAL BAN ON ELECTRIC SHOCK IN TEXAS! (more on this later -- the legislative session is in here and we'll know by May)
- John

No matter the field, politics, publishing, medicine, or music we're still going to have to clear the planet one individual at a time. To do that we have to be terminals who can be "communicated to". I think this forum, TNX, is a great workshop to practice that skill.
- Tom Lauricella

Then it struck me - This is the perfect place to discuss, define and postulate the type of ethical global government structure that we actually want to see in place around the world. Then we could perhaps start to work as a group towards making that postulate a reality.

We already know that we will be running the planet one day.

If we are going to take responsibility for it, we might as well start here and now.
- dale bulbrook

For people that lack the precise solutions, the precise truth that we have, the Republicans do pretty well. Let's help them. Let's help our fellow citizens. Let's help ourselves. We have the knowledge, let's take the responsibility and assume the control. This country is ripe for the taking by the likes of us. Let's!!!
- John Massey

Some years ago when working on staff I and all the staff in my area were crammed by MSH for being intolerant of other religions. We had to do a full page, 2 column, key word list and read two separate books about other religions. It turned me around. Now, in PT, as part of my work in So America, we are helping a local Catholic Priest build a church. It's not that we don't have plenty of other very important things to do down there -we just closed an entire State in Colombia on putting LRH educationial tech into ALL of its schools, plus we have our ongoing 12,000 students on the BSM, and 42 other elementary schools, and 4 new High Schools to deliver to as well. But helping the Catholic church is important, too. They have done a tremendous amount of good in the world.
- Dick Weigand

There are also already public individuals getting themselves on the local school boards, chambers of commerce, boards of supervisors, etc. One thing is that with all of this sanity going in on smaller 3rd Dynamics, and we will also shrink Federal or perhaps world government to something analogous to "uplines".

And when we have this planet...on out to wherever LRH has set up a new command post . Of course the fact is that these changes are already visible is the result of LRH's command intention and the incredible job done over the past years by the SO. Wow, have they really pulled something off.
- Stephen T. Porter

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