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Introduction to Scientology Ethics
An analysis by Jeff Lee

In November 1995, Keith "Justified and Ancient" Cochran began a discussion of the Church of Scientology's publication What Is Scientology?

After only four installments, someone forged a message so that it apparently originated from Keith, casting aspersions on his sexual habits (an action known in Scientology parlance as a dead agent attack). This forged message was posted from the Clearwater point of presence of the largest ISP in Florida. (Perhaps it is only a coincidence that the largest "advanced org" of the Church of Scientology, the Flag Service Org, is located in Clearwater.)

That was enough to convince me that what Keith was doing was a Good Thing; his actions had disturbed people so much that they were willing to undertake illegal activity in order to destroy his credibility.

My copy of the book is the fourth edition, ISBN 0-88404-015-1, and was copyrighted in 1968, 1970, and 1973 by L. Ron Hubbard. It consists of eleven chapters plus a glossary, in 72 pages (including the table of contents, disclaimers and explanations, adverts for other Scientology publications and a list of Churches of Scientology at the end of the book).

This book is suggested for study at Grade II on the Materials Grade Chart, though all materials on the chart "may be studied wherever you are on The Bridge".

These essays were originally posted to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology; they contain references to names of Scientologist posters and events which were current at the time the essays were written.

The Purpose of Ethics
The Anti-Social Personality / The Anti-Scientologist

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